Club Penguin Times Issue #457



Club Penguin has released a new Club Penguin times with two interviews in it!
Franky gives us a rare look inside the writing session, and even tells some tips about it!


Cadence interviews Zendaya about her performance starting tomorrow!


Cadence also interviews DJ Cole Plante!


And the upcoming events are awesome! Check out! I wonder what the test race means! :o


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Club Penguin Magazine Issue #33 sneak peek!



Daffodaily5 has given out a new sneak peek of the upcoming Club Penguin Magazine this week!
This month is all about SUMMER HOLIDAAAAAAAAYS! There are some cool features, such as mind-blogging, camping holiday puzzles to solve, two EPIC posters, as well as a Beard Battle between Rookie and Sensei – I’m sure that is really cool ;)


It looks very cool! I love it! Daffo even taught her puffle needs a little makeover! It is a beautiful mermaid!

To get your hands on the new issue of the UK magazine, it’s available to purchase from Thursday, July 24th! This month’s issue also comes with a code for a 1 month membership! How cool is that?

Will you get this months magazine? I would if I can ;)


I’ll be busy in this week….


Hey Penguins,

Lionpolice here. I’m publishing this post, to let you know that, I’ll be very busy in the next few weeks. I’ll be re-updating and hopefully will be adding some new page, in the meanwhile. Also, I’ m sorry, but this week’s Featured Fashions post will be published next week. I believe that, Mimi17740 will be able to keep you guys up-to-date with the latest Club Penguin news!

Until then,

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Club Penguin Fact of The Week-3


Did-You-Know1   A Club Penguin mini-game, which is called ” Hydro Hopper”, was earlier named , “Ballistic Biscuit”. It was the first game Lance (Rsnail) built in flash.


Do let us know your views about this Week’s exclusive fact!

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Club Penguin: Game On!


Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin has uploaded a new episode of Game On , where Hallie talks about the Music Jam 2014 with a special guest! Radio Disney host DJ Ernie D catches up with rising star Sabrina Carpenter. Check out what Sabrina has to say about being a musician, a celebrity, and appearing at the Music Jam on Club Penguin!

Sabrina got really excited about her performing on the island! Are you excited about her?



Support us: Bring Club Penguin to Hungary and Bangladesh


Hey Penguins,

As you might or might now be aware of this fact, but we at FCPG are always supporting and we do appreciate innovative ideas of the penguins at Club Penguin. We show our positive attitudes when it is regarding to Club Penguin or player’s improvement.

Keeping that in mind, I Lionpolice, and my friend and co-author Mimi17740 would like you to gain your supports at a project through which can bring Club Penguin and its privileges to thousands of kids around the globe. It would be Awesome if Club Penguin’s community grows. It will enable us to meet and get introduced to, know their ethnics and culture of their nation, right? Will it not be mega-fun?

With that thought, I would like you to introduce our newest project. That is, “ Bring Club Penguin to Hungary and Bangladesh”. Before I get into that, I will discuss some of the following questions:


1) What is my motive and why I’m doing so?

Answer:  I’m now on a holiday in a small country named “ Bangladesh”. I have got loads of friends and cousins who are playing Club Penguin for a long time, with great enthusiasm and excitement. They have made it almost a part of their daily life and they are attached to it. A few years back, they asked Club Penguin and are still asking, “Can you please bring Club Penguin membership to Bangladesh”. Sadly, Club Penguin made them quite disappointed with such types of answers, like, ” We will try, We cannot do it now, It will take time” etc. They now compare themselves with kids who do have memberships. Do you know, they cannot even use their Credit Cards for buying memberships? So, I wanted to bring Club Penguin features in their country.

2) This campaign is for the Bangladeshi kids, why Hungary in it?

Answer: Will you feel good, when your family is giving importance to your another sibling if he has done better in exams? That’s why not to disappoint my Hungarian and special friend, Mimi17740 and at his request, it is being done. I’m pretty obvious that you will give your supports for Hungary, won’t you?

3) What are we actually Supporting for?

Answer: We are trying to make our plans into reality by gaining support. We want that Club Penguin launches their merchandise in Bangladesh and Hungarian stores. Keeping that in mind, we like to share that, credit cards can be used for buying those items. But, in Hungary, many might not rely or credit cards and in Bangladesh, credit cards are not allowed for such purposes.

Now let’s get on with our project. I know that there are several Hungarian and Bangladeshi peoples, visiting our blog daily. So, I would request them to “Support” their respective country. It’s not mandatory to be a Hungarian or Bangladesh, whether you are from another part of the world- you can show your support for this initiative, which might bring happiness to one.

The question may arise up, how will I show my support? Well, it is simple. All you have to do is, send the following mail to Club Penguin and “like” this post.

The mail:

” Hey Club Penguin,

I hope you are having a Good Day. In order to make the Club Penguin Community grow and to make it available to more kids around the world and make them happy, I’m supporting and lending help to my friend Lionpolice’s project. If you are not quite sure about his project, it’s name is ” Bring Club Penguin to Hungary and Bangladesh” which is quite self explanatory.

Do you know, in Bangladesh, credit cards are not allowed to do online shopping at international online shopping place? Even though, Bangladesh and Hungary are listed in the membership shopping country list- many kids cannot buy them for certain reason.

So, I want is basically that, even not membership, but any types of Club Penguin merchandise- Please bring them to Bangladesh and Hungary. It would be good if you can bring memberships in Auchan Stores in Hungary (As they are almost everywhere) and in Bashundhara Shopping Mall of Bangladesh.”

If you are not sure about post likings- You just have to click the “Like” button, which is located underneath the post. Here is a picture of it:

Like button

So without further ado, start supporting! We together can and we will do it! Only then, we can bring Club Penguin in those 2 countries and make the kids happy…..

After we have reached at-least 600 supports, next step will be taken. I hope you guys take yourself or just compare yourself with my cousins and friends, and you know how they feel.

Please Please Support us in this project! We’ll greatly owe you. And don’t forget to spread this word to your family and friends, so they can be a part of our project!

Have a Good Day,

Lionpolice & Mimi17740

Bye DJ3K!


With the starting of the Music Jam 2014, the game DJ3K got deleted! It was the very first game I played on CP so I really miss it! I made a video, so I will always remember it!

I loved this game! And I will always love it!