Pi day!

I know it’s a bit late but happy pi day, for whenever it was. Was it Friday? So to celebrate it seems Club Penguin has decided to hold a party outside the school. Won’t that distract the students?

Unfortunately there’s only banners and pie but no items, games or interactivity.

Well that’s all for now, See you soon guys

– MikeyPi!

We’re moving

Hello Penguins,

After a long journey with WordPress.com, it has ended. We had faced some problems using WP.com and that’s why we planned to shift this blog to WordPress.org . All the contents have been transferred to our new blog: http://frostyclubpenguinguide.cf/ .

We hope you have a good day.

~The Whole FCPG Team


You Decide: Halloween Costumes

It’s almost the end of July and will be August soon. That means, from today, we have still 3 months left for the Halloween in October. I love Halloween both in real life and in Club Penguin. Today, Megg had posted about choosing a Halloween costume for this year, out of:

  • Pirate
  • Clown
  • Dragon

I guess, I’ll go for the dragon costume. Because, I believe that, it’s the best for a Halloween. Which one will you go with? Be sure to let the CP team know by commenting here.

Until then,

Get Lioning Up!


Sketchbook leaving CP!

Hello Penguins,

If you might not know, a Club Penguin Support Representative and moderator, known as “Brianna” (AKA. Sketchbook) is leaving Club Penguin. I got this information from a few peoples in twitter. However, I do know, how hurtful is it for her to leave the office and her whole team. But the life is not a bed of roses; you must move on.

She has been always a good friend of mine and she let me even interviewed her, which you can see here . So, best of luck Sketch for the upcoming days in your life. Here are some fun facts, which she once shared with a blogger named Happyblue128, after Happy visited the Club Penguin office:

  • She has got a brother working with Club Penguin
  • She loves the Medieval parties
  • She loves LEGO
  • She is a Batman fan

Anyways, Good Luck Brianna!

Until then,

Get lioning up!


Lio’s Life: What is a real family bondage?

Do you know penguins, what a family is?

Is this just some people living under the same shades in a house? Or, just some persons together make a family? Nothing is like that, the true meaning of ” Family ” means father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts- who lives in harmony and peace. Family is the one who stands on your side and assists you, in your trouble and happiness. Whether it be joint or a small family, still thing remains intact. But, many of us do sometimes forget the true ones and ignore the fact, that they are our beloved family.

Pretty much same happened to me 1-2 years back. I’ve a sister named Catherine, who always troubles me as I’m young! Once what happened, that it was Thanks Giving Day in United States- and in honor of that, we had arranged a big feast in our house. Almost my whole family, including my Cousins from Utah and Wyoming came. Pretty much all of my cousins were at the age of my sister. Catherine decided to do some “fun” (At least according to her) by giving ideas to my cousins, for disturbing me- knowing that I’ll cry and nag! They all just like bashing me up and sprayed water on me through water gun! Then what happened was, I tore Catherine’s notebooks and text books, out of anger. It was obvious, isn’t??

After that, the whole feast and party spoiled because of me. My mother asked me to stay in the guest room and not to come out till morning. I had wished just like Kevin did in Home Alone: 1, to disappear my family. God was kind enough to accept my wish. The next day, it was planned that, we would be going to an amusement park in San Antonio called “Six Flags Fiesta”. During the whole journey, I was thinking to get a rid of my family…….. I was so wrong then!

This is what exactly happened! When we entered the amusement park, there was a group of dancers and singers performing on the stage. I was amazed with their talents and went there; leaving my whole family behind, when they were riding roller coasters. I was so excited and start dancing with them to the tunes; never thinking of my family.

Almost 1 hour past, when I suddenly noticed that the ones who doesn’t care for me (I thought that) are not around me and I was just saying Woot Woot! I was then walking through the lanes and brought an ice-cream, and fell asleep under a shade. I even had a dream.

I saw a dream that a time traveler from the year 3050. That weird looking guy with a strange costume let me use his gadgets to know my family’s feeling at this moment. I had used that technology and came to knew that my family was thinking, ” God, Please return me back my Sam. I’ll never scold him. Please give him back!” With that, I could feel that someone was just calling me from my sleep woke up, it was already afternoon- when a police came and asked me whether I’m Christopher Samuel. I said that I was the one he was looking for, and he immediately had taken me to my family. My sister and mother told me sorry. And, I accepted their apology :)

So, what is the lesson learned from this actual story of mine? Guys, always love yourself and family. Always be the one you meant to be, with your family……

And, if you have a sibling who disturbs you, then don’t mind. Cause, when you will grow up and leave your family, I bet you will miss your sibling the most and would always cherish the memories. Also, you are his/her sister/brother- if they doesn’t disturb you, then who will? If they disturbs others, it will kind of stupid, right?

So, I hope you learned the meaning of actual family bondage….. So LOVE your FAMILY :) Cause, they’re the best :)

Until then,

Get lioning up!


Mod Monday – July 28, 2014

Hey Penguins,

As this is Monday, Megg will be hosting an usual event which is called “Mod Monday”. Many moderators of Club Penguin are present in this event and you can meet them and receive postcards. However, the Penguin Band and Cadence will be this week’s special guest along with the moderators. The party starts at 1:30 P.M in Brumby.

Do let me know if you are attending.

Until then,

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Club Penguin: Unlock 1500 Coins July,2014

Hey Penguins,

If you are looking for a simple way for earning coins, but don’t want to manipulate the Club Penguin rules by cheating- Then I guess, you have come to the absolutely perfect place. Yup, Club Penguin had released three brand new unlockable codes, which you can use to get 1500 coins in total. The codes are as following:

  1. ANCHOR32


I’ve already redeemed the codes. What about you? Head over to Club Penguin to redeem these exclusive codes!

Until then,

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Lio’s Life: Writing is my hobby

Hey Penguins,

It’s been a while, since I’ve done with my latest “Fun” type posts or posts which are relevant to my practical life and the way I look the different spheres of my life. Today, I’ll be sharing with all of you, all about my writing sort of things and how I got hooked to it.

As many of you know that, I’m 11 now and I totally love writing posts and stories.The most interesting part is that, I have written stories and articles related to various topics for my School’s Newspapers and on some other sources and I’ve received some prizes too. I don’t mean to brag or show off, but I’ve been praised by Club Penguin (For the Ship Sinking Story, I had written recently), My Principal, teachers, friends and my most loving family!

So, what made me to write at this age, where I should have fun and enjoy? You must be thinking that, right? All started with some simple beginnings. When I first learned writing English Alphabets (Which my father basically taught me), I would always write those letters in different fonts and styles, only out of fun. Then, when I started growing up and learned the language English, I don’t know why, a keen interest of mine grew to literature. I still remember the days, when I went to the Day Care Center in our locality, only to hear stories from Mrs.Walter. Very soon, I started going to the libraries. In the library, I would love to hear stories with all the other children, from a nanny. I had once brought a book from a book shop, which was “A Christmas Carol” written by Charles Dickens. From a very early age, Charles Dickens had been my most favorite writer. Not only that, I love the amazing works of Jonathon Swift in “Gulliver’s Travels” and “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” of Roald Dahl.

File:Scrooges third visitor-John Leech,1843.jpg

Do you know what happened to me once? I was in the library listening stories about the Independence of America, when my mother told me, “Sam, I’m going to take your sister to the Dentist. Wait here and I’ll pick you up in half an hour. I’ll give horns from the outside or just phone the nanny or tell her to send you outside.” Saying this she left. When the nanny told me that mom is waiting, I then went outside the library and to my surprise, a guy was standing there with his German Shepherd (The dog was not  collared). That dog was looking at me like a devil. I got scared and just started running towards the car. That mad dog chased me! That was so freaky. But finally, my mom saved me by throwing some pebbles at the dog.

Anyways, do you know, maybe 4 years before- I had participated in an anticipated competition which was about writing a short story withing 100 words. I had written a bed-time story in an organized way and I added my spices to it. It was a pleasant surprise, when I came to know that I won the 2nd position out of so many children.

Then come to blogging. It was maybe 2011, when I was inspired for opening a blog, which would work as an ultimate guides’ community for the Club Penguin players. But the website didn’t turn up so well and my grammar was so miserable. But still, my darling parents would always inspire me to open another blog with better and decent grammars, which is the one you see today. But, it was not easy at all for improving my grammars.

Compared to those days, I’ve changed a lot- In fact A Lot! The changes came and gone just like a little wind which ruffled the curtains at dawn. Suppose, if I even invent the time-traveling machine and went to the back and see my writings and that sort of stuff- I really may not recognize it!? Now, I’m sure that you are thinking wrong of me now- That, I’ve decent grammatical skills, so I’m showing off through this post. But, guys, believe me I never had such an intention.

I’ve a point here, which you might absorb within yourself, while reading the post. I just wanted to say that, if you try hard, set and goal for achieving something and work accordingly- I bet, you’ll gain success instantly.Not only this, try to enjoy each and every moment in your life. Only then, you can set that goal for success! I hope, you got my point.

So, Bye penguins and Have a Good Day!